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infinitas Stage 1+ // Test drive on the Autobahn with the BMW M5 F90, 770PS, 950NM

infinitas stays for performance and innovation. The BMW M5 F90 with infinitas Stage 1+ tuning has a whopping 770 hp and a torque of 950 NM. Learn more about chip tuning from infinitas and about the available tu...


Mercedes M113! Infinitas is taking the next step.

Infinitas takes the next step – because we represent the extraordinary! Only at us: infinitas is expanding its supercharger program and is now offering the self-crafted “SK +” supercharger system for the ...

grip originals hurricane

Video: GRIP Originals and the conversion to the HURRICANE 2

We build the infinitas HURRICANE 2 with over 1000 hp, which will beat our old world record for road limousines (372.1 km/h / 231.2 mph). You can now watch us building our new monster! You can find all episodes ...


The summer trip: YouTubers together with infinitas on a dump vacation

When 5 YouTubers meet thousands of horsepower, there is no stopping them. Whether it’s red-hot challenges or stupid things from the sunroof: There’s noting normal on this road trip. ...


YouTuber Hagen Amstep: With 700 HP through Genoa with infinitas M4

The first time 700 hp under your bum: That a northern Italian port city? YouTuber Hagen Amstep is visibly relieved when he finally makes it out of the city – onto the Italian motorway. How much fun does h...


YouTuber “Maeximiliano”: With scrappy CL on infinitas Dyno

How much HP does it have after almost 400.000 km / 250.000 miles? YouTuber “Maeximiliano” was on our dyno with his €2000 Benz. You can see in this video how the rocked-down “Trash-V8” st...


MOTUL month – use the full potential of your car!

Offer valid until August 31, 2020   The MOTUL premium lubricants perfectly complement our engine and transmission software optimization. The combination of high-quality MOTUL lubricants and infinitas so...


Video: infinitas M3 HURRICANE on German Autobahn!

We keep what we promise: We do not tolerate inflation of the term HURRICANE! In short: HURRICANE stands for infinitas’ most brutal performance levels, paired with the finest art of our best engineers...


Marius from RB Engineering visits infinitas

Marius from RB Engineering visits infinitas RB Engineering visited and let the tires of our M6 smoke. This and a lot of car geek knowledge is in this video. infinitas has no connection to the driving style show...


Auto Motor und Sport on the infinitas HURRICANE 2

Auto Motor und Sport on the infinitas HURRICANE 2 infinitas thanks for the detailed and successful contribution from >> auto-motor-und-sport.de << Special thanks go to AMS editor Patrick Lang ! You...

Wir suchen Verstärkung!Starten Sie jetzt durch mit infinitas

Starten Sie jetzt voll durch und werden Sie Teil von einem Jungen und Motivierten Team.