Software optimization

Software optimization

Almost unlimited possibilities with comparatively little effort: software optimization is popular. But there are some serious differences. As a premium supplier of products manufactured in-house, we attach great importance to this. At infinitas, a permanent team of experienced engineers, designers and competent mechanics works closely together to offer you custom-made in-house developments. Thanks to our dyno, we are able to test the results of our work under real conditions and to simulate special load situations. With us, testing and optimization go hand in hand in order to present you a product that is perfect in every detail. Our range of services is broad: Whether you want to optimize your engine for the racetrack, long distance or for a better ecological balance, whether you want to invest a lot or a little – we will make you the right offer.



We are constantly working on optimizing our products. Thanks to the continuous improvement process, you can benefit from our past experience today. The elaborate development methods of our highly qualified engineers are the foundation for maximum performance. Analyzed on the racetrack, optimized for the road, customized for you.


Testing on Dyno and Street

Testing On Dyno: Every product is put through its paces before delivery. We simulate extreme stress situations on our dyno in order to guarantee the stability of the vehicles. Testing On Road: The drivability of our cars represents the quality of our work. That is why we analyze the driving behavior of the cars through extensive road tests – so that comfort and performance fit together.



We would be happy to install your product. The way to Gachenbach is too far for you? No problem, order the desired system for self-assembly or use our steadily growing network of dealers for professional assembly in your area.



We are happy to be at your side at all times with full commitment if you need our support. We look after you in every situation – whether on the racetrack or on the road: with our individual support you are prepared for every situation.

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You are on the right track. infinitas offers a variety of self-produced performance enhancements.

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