Supercharger System S85 – infinitas SK2CS


This is how much power you can achieve with this kit:

M5/M6 E6X::
 507 HP / 520 Nm – plus 193 HP / 160 NM – 700 HP / 680 Nm

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Advantages of our supercharger system:

  • Unique Driving Pleasure
  • N/A engine characteristic remains
  • Aggressive throttle response
  • Best price-performance ratio $/PS
  • Retrofitting to stock easily made
  • Highly qualified support

Delay-free & direct response thanks to pre-charged boost pressure, unique sports engine characteristics, maximum revving thanks to the combination of centrifugal supercharger & high-speed concept. In the partial load range there is always overpressure in the airbox.

The basis for the best quality at OEM level: State-of-the-art production and certified quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001.

Differences to the “SK2” supercharger system:

  • Upgraded fuel delivery system
  • Raised boost pressure
  • Adapted ECU software
  • Increased installation effort


  • ASA T1-523 supercharger
  • K07 centrifugal clutch at additional cost
  • 155mm supercharger pulley
  • Belt drive with retaining plate
  • Boost pressure approx. 0.6 bar rel.
  • Supercharger oil supply by engine oil

Air flow:

  • Cast aluminum intake air duct
  • Sports air filter
  • Air-to-water intercooler
  • Elaborate airbox made of cast aluminum
  • Pneumatically controlled boost pressure
  • Pre-cat delete

Mixture preparation / electronics:

  • 10x fuel injectors with higher flow rate
  • upgraded high power fuel deilvery system
  • Programming ECU by infinitas engineers
  • V-MAX increase included
  • OBD & diagnostic functions remain
  • increased sensor performance
  • added security concept for engine safety

infinitas – highest quality for best performance:

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Comparison: with centrifugal clutch vs. without centrifugal clutch: