Supercharger System S65 – infinitas SK2CS


This is how much power you can achieve with this kit:
M3 E9x:
420 HP / 400 Nm – plus 80 HP / 100 NM – 500 HP / 500 Nm

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Advantages of our supercharger system:

  • More Power
  • Sport engine characteristics
  • Installation instructions
  • CAD documentation
  • Retrofitting to stock easily made
  • Highy qualified support

Delay-free & direct response thanks to pre-charged boost pressure, unique sports engine characteristics, maximum revving thanks to the combination of centrifugal supercharger & high-speed concept. In the partial load range there is always overpressure in the airbox.

The basis for the best quality at OEM level: State-of-the-art production and certified quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed installation instructions as well as comprehensive CAD documentation with a parts list. Nevertheless, we recommend having our supercharger systems installed by our specialist staff.

Differences to the “SK1” supercharger system:

  • Upgrade spark plugs included
  • Upgrade injection nozzles with over 60% more throughput included
  • Major modifications to the fuel system
  • ASA T1-523 supercharger, instead of the ASA T1-520
  • Adapted ECU software
  • Significantly increased installation effort
  • Only for export or racing.


  • ASA T1-523 Supercharger
  • Belt drive with retaining plate
  • Boost pressure approx. 0.6 bar (8.7 psi) rel.

Air flow:

  • Cast aluminum intake air duct
  • Sports air filter
  • Charge air recooling system (LLK)
  • Elaborate airbox made of cast aluminum
  • Pneumatically controlled boost pressure

Engine modification:

  • 8 colder motorsport spark plugs
  • 8 injection nozzles with higher mass flow rate
  • Supercharger for oil supply

Mixture preparation / electronics:

  • Programming ECU, engine and DKG by infinitas engineers
  • OBD & diagnostic functions are retained
  • High-performance fuel pump system, automatically switched on when used

infinitas – highest quality for best performance:

Note for customers with self-installation: Before starting the conversion, please first read out the standard ECU software with the flash tool and forward this to for modification. This ensures that the modified file is available when the mechanical work is completed. The assembly of these kits is demanding, we recommend installing them in our house!

Comparison: with centrifugal clutch vs. without centrifugal clutch: