Supercharger System S54 – infinitas SK 2S


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 power output from 343 hp (252 kW)/400 Nm increased to 475 hp (349 kW)/470 Nm – plus 132 hp

>> supreme increase in power & torque
>> instantaneous & direct response
>> unique sports engine characteristics
>> vivid revving ability due to high-rev-concept
>> performance plus against classic variants
>> supercharger system from the market leader
>> ASA superchargers ´´Made in Germany“
>> the only professional system worldwide
>> by CAD construction and CFD analysis
>> high efficiency and OEM quality
>> quality due to latest production processes
>> CNC-machined aluminium cast parts
>> supercharger systems in serial production
>> competent support by in-house engineering
>> extensively tested: hot / cold weather tests
>> reliability from 30 years of experience

forced induction:
>> ASA T1-520 supercharger
>> oil supply supercharger
>> supercharger belt drive
>> charge air pressure approx. 0,4 bar rel.

air duct:
>> intake air duct made from aluminium cast
>> charge air intercooler
>> sport air filter

engine modification:
>> 6 colder motorsport spark plugs
>> 6 injector nozzles with increased flow-rate

fuel management / electronics:
>> remapping of ECU by infinitas
>> OBD and diagnosis functions remain intact

Note for customers with DIY installation:
Please read out the factory ECU software via G-FLASH before the installation and send the read-out ECU file to for modification. Thus we ensure you already have the modified ECU file when the hardware installation is completed.