Compressor-System – M54 SK+RS


This is how much power you can achieve with this kit:

3 series E46 320i – *Z4 E85/E86 2.2i:
170 HP / 210 Nm – plus 50 HP / 35 Nm – 220 HP / 245 Nm

3 series E46 325i – *Z4 E85/E86 2.5i
192 HP / 245 Nm – plus 58 HP / 45 Nm – 250 HP / 290 Nm

3 series E46 330i – *Z4 E85/E86 3.0i:
231 HP / 300 Nm – plus 69 HP / 60 Nm – 300 HP / 360 Nm

*The Z4 additionally needs the pump module.

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Advantages of our supercharger systems:

  • Mature, sold over 1,000 times
  • Mehr Power – simply installed!
  • No changes to the body necessary
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Extensive CAD documentation
  • Certificate for 3.0L Euro 3 vehicles
  • Individual acceptance for the remaining versions
  • Without a trace back to stock
  • Highly qualified support

The supercharger system is designed for self-installation. Detailed installation instructions as well as comprehensive CAD documentation with parts list are provided for this purpose:

By installing the throttle valve before the supercharger, the usual bypass control is no longer necessary. The engine impresses with its direct response behavior – and that with low consumption values. Its unique sport engine characteristics ensure maximum revving – thanks to the ASA T3 high-speed supercharger.


  • Simple ECU programming via OBD
  • High quality components, series manufacturing
  • CNC-milled parts, partly made of cast aluminum
  • Boost pressure approx. 0.35 bar rel. / 5.1 Psi

Package contains:

  • ASA T3-313 supercharger including oil supply
  • Baseplate with belt drive
  • Intake air duct including throttle valve connection
  • Sports air filter
  • Compressed air duct made of cast aluminium
  • Various electrics

Mixture preperation / electronics:

  • ECU programming with our optional I-Flash OBD tool
  • infiitas software includes => OBD and diagnostic functions are retained

For a surcharge, individual TÜV acceptance can be requested. For 3.0 L, Euro 3 vehicles, there is an certificate, individual acceptance is not necessary here. The entry can be made with this certificate from TÜV or a similar representative (subject to a fee).

infinitas – highest quality for best performance

The infinitas compressor systems are “Made in Germany” and offer first-class quality thanks to the most modern CNC production. Thanks to our many years of know-how, combined with modern CAD design and CFD analysis, we achieve high efficiency and OEM qulity level. We guarantee optimal support because we manufacture our products in-house.

Hinweis Note for customers with self-installation:

Before converting, please read the standard ECU software using the OBD tool and forward it to for modification. This ensures that the ECU file is available on time when the mechanical work is completed.

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