Supercharger System


The elaborate development methods of our highly qualified engineers: The cornerstone for maximum performance. Analyzed on the racetrack, optimized for the road.



The measure of all things: Our standardized production methods. The highest quality standards require the most modern production methods.


Quality Control

Only perfection passes! Our detailed quality check allows no exceptions. Every manufactured part is checked individually for defects. Our staff – trained in quality assurance – only approves flawless products for manufacturing. – Because of responsibility and pride!



infinitas is manufacturer and assembler. We would be happy to assemble your compressor kit directly in our in-house workshop. The way to Germany is too far for you? No problem, simply order the desired system directly to your home or to the nearest workshop!


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You are on the right track. infinitas offers a large number of self-produced supercharger systems.

Compatible engines: S65B40, S65B44

Capacity: 3,999cm³ - 4,361cm³

Vehicles 4l: E90 / E92 / E93 M3 Vehicles 4.4l: E92 M3 GTS, E90 M3 CRT

Compatible engines: M54B22, M54B25, M54B30

Capacity: 2,171 cm³ - 2,979 cm³

Vehicles 2.2l : E46 320i, E39 520i, Z3 2.0i, E85 Z4 2.2 Vehicles 2.5l: E46 325i, E46 325ti, E39 525i, Z3 2.5i, E85 Z4 2.5 Vehicles 3l: E46 330i, E39 530i, Z3 3.0i, E85 Z4 3.0i

Compatible engines: M54B22, M54B25, M54B30

Capacity: 3.246cm³

Vehicles 3.2l: E46 M3 / M3 CSL, E85 Z4 Roadster, E86 Z4 M Coupé

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Capacity: 4.266 cm³ - 5.439 cm³

Vehicles 4.3l: W 163 ML 430, C/A 208 CLK 430, W/S 210 E 430, W/V 220 S 430, W/S 202 C 43 Vehicles 5.0l: W 163 ML 500, W 463 G 500, R 129 SL 500, C/A 209 CLK 500, W/S 211 E 500, C 215 CL 500, C 219 CLS 500, W 164 ML 500, W/V 220 S 500, R 230 SL 500, W/V 251 R 500 Vehicles 5.4l: W 163 ML 55, W 202 C 55, C/A 208 CLK 55, R 129 SL 55, W/S 210 E 55, W 463 G 55, R 171 SLK 55, C 215 CL 55, W/V 220 S 55, W/S 203 C 55, C/A 209 CLK 55, R 171 SLK 55 Black Series

ASA Supercharger


In-house supercharger production

ASA Kompressor: We rely 100% on the superchargers from our parent company ASA Kompressor. In this way, we can guarantee the flawless production of our systems. ASA and infinitas: Hand in hand to your supercharger kit.

Rely on the proven ASA superchargers: Distinguished by their reliabilit,  ASA superchargers combine efficiency with emotion and the highest quality standards.